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Public Diplomacy

by on March 28, 2013



Public Diplomacy is a form of diplomacy that has become increasingly important across the past 50 years. Public Diplomacy is essentially a state using a public event such as a Olympic Games to show the rest of the world what their state is like and to promote their state to other nations. There are many examples of public diplomacy that have happened in recent years but the one I’m writing about today is how India used the Indian Premier League Twenty20 Cricket tournament to show the world how they were capable of hosting major events and how far they’d come as a nation since gaining independence from the British in the 20th Century.

Now there are many reasons why this event was important for India’s place in contemporary world politics. These range from it highlighting to the world India’s progression to exporting traditional Indian values around the world. The tournament helped show the world the Indian values the tournament was based around and most certainly sent a modern and compelling image of India to sport fans around the globe.

This is a great example of the importance of public diplomacy in contemporary world politics. It demonstrates the benefits to a nation that wants to effectively raise its standing in world politics without doing so in an obvious manner. By using public diplomacy you can also effectively appeal to the publics of other nations instead of a nations diplomatic service or government. This can have many benefits as it can increase tourism to your nation as the populations of other countries would be tempted to visit your state.Indian+Premier+League+Hold+Press+Conference+0mo9KtPhCWLl

The Indian Premier League isn’t the only sporting event that has been used to increase the effective popularity of a nation through public diplomacy. Another prime and also recent example is the 2008 Chinese Olympic games. This is in essence an example on a far greater scale due to the Olympics being more popular across the world than Cricket. The Chinese Olympic games also showed the world how modern the Chinese state had become in a very similar way to which the Indian Premier League showed how modern India had become.


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  1. the public diplomacy are same thing good and it is very succeed because it work with people from the roots. sport can be great example,however those kind of public diplomacy same time the sport can broken the relation between countries .

  2. bed0203 permalink

    Really liked the linking of examples. Really good explanation and insight.

  3. Clear argument and well written article.

    As you said sport events are a good way to invite people to enjoys the events and discover the culture.
    I think this show us to some extent how states are more interconnected than ever as the way the international community regards one nation push the latter to improve itself, be friendly and show themselves as great nation. Maybe if more events like that would happen, countries would be obliged to sort out issues that they sometimes postpone, such as transport and facilities development; environmental issues (ref. China and high level of pollution) and city cleanness,…

  4. I agree with that the sport can be a kind of public diplomacy. The public diplomacy are same thing good and it is very succeed because it work with people from the roots. The sport is be great example, However those kind of public diplomacy can also brooking relation sport can broke the relation between countries such as the football games between Egypt and Algeria 2009 they nearly brooking relation between those two countries. other example of open Simony of London Olympic Games represent Britain better than the formal institutions.

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